Northern Pearls By Design

A Wide Collection of Handmade Jewelry in Canada

Northern Pearls is a leading website offering unique jewelry designs inspired by artisans worldwide. The designs are inspired by my encounters with an impressive collection of found treasures. I created this website to appreciate these artisans and to feature their original and exquisite art collections. In my travels, my appreciation grew for these artisans and I decided to feature their original and exquisite art collections.


The designs at Northern Pearls showcase sensational beadworks in indigenous styles. The accessories are distinctive and feed my fascination with the history of adornment cultures. The jewelry speaks volumes about the heritage, craft, and unique styles of adornment. For example, ancient Egyptians had not limited their pieces of jewelry to semi-precious beads and lapis lazuli and have created unique pieces carved on bones. Jewelry has been a trade currency since time immemorial and every piece in our collection has a story behind it.

Northern Pearls

Authentic artisan craftsmanship handiwork from around the world.
Feature: Meet the Artisan
Beside each collection put a text box for an engaging descriptive story.

"speaks to the heart, touches a part of us and helps to remind us, ground us to that spirit within. It's my intention to have a distinctly different style in all forms of adornment."

*Where says "I learned to bead ...
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"My jewelry designs have a distinctive flair, style that rose up from our travels and found treasures incorporated into my jewelry designs. Muy pieces show my fascination of culture, and pray homage to styles of adornment throughout history.
"You will find sentimental to more classic pieces to commemorate a special occasion. Each Collections comes with a short story with interesting details of its inspiration.

African Collection

Porcelain women's cooperative
Antique Glass Trade Beads:

Coral / Purple Amethyst set

Chartreuse Collection

Amethyst & Crystal heart amulets:
Amethyst & Green bracelet stackables
Chartreuse African porcelain beads :

Fall Collection

Venetian lamp leaves,
Butter Ambar

Brilliant Valentino Reds

Hot Pink Collection

Coconut shell
Rose quartz

Carved Stone & Bone

Carved Mask Earrings & Pendants
Beggar beads

Sunset Shades Collection

Santa Fe Style set (Turquoise & pastel pink colors)

Black & White Collection

*Quartz crystal/ onyx set

Black Diamond Collection

Marcasite & 9.25 Silver:

Bridal Gift Collection

*Silver spiral custom hair accessories

Champagne Tastes

Crystal Lariat Style:
Swarovski crystal & rhondelle
Zircon rings
Bracelets India

Treasures of the Sea: Pearl Collection

Mother of Pearl,
Fresh Water Pearls

Shellwork Collection

Coral, Salmon Coral,
In-laid Abalone rings
Necklace sets

Amber Collection

Russian Butter Ambar sets
Cherry Amber Earrings
Green Ambar Earring,Chiapas
9.25 Silver

Cowboy Collection

Silver Bolo Pins
Silver & Turquoise Belt buckles
Champion Buckles

Middle Eastern Style

*Afghani Metal hammered Pendant Necklace Set: Inlaid blue & red

Northern American Native

*Apache Tear multi-strand set
*Sacred color multi strands set
*Carved stone pendants
*Hide, Bear & Claw Necklaces

Traditional Style Beadwork

*Porcupine, weaved earrings
Peyote Rope: earrings barrettes

Ocean Blue Collection

*Malachite & Lapis & Turquoise set
* Larimar & Amethyst (Stone of Atlantis) set
Aventurine & lt green Agate set
*Lapidary Treasures Baubles & Beads
"Antique African Trade Beads
Semi-Precious Stone Grade A
Carved Jade/ Prosper Red cord
Rose Quartz
Snowflake Obsidian
Larimar " the "Stone of Atlantis".
Tigers-eye strands

Pendants carved

Strand Selection


Silver Collection

Quality 9.25 silver, Sterling and Italian silversmithing and true workmanship
Rose gold
Italian Silver chain
Venetian Silver Pendants
Artisan BC Crosses
9.25 pendants
Mexican Silver
Sterling Silver
Ear Bracelets

4 Men

Belt buckles
Silver Bracelets